Friday Funny!

So, it’s a little corny – but definitely good for some laughs …


3 Reasons Suction … Sucks!

Ooohh! I can’t stand seeing a child with a runny nose and snot just oozing down his face and clumping up on his top lip. And it gets worse when he takes the back of his hand wipes it across his cheek leaving a streak of yellow snot glue – or he sticks his tongue out and snatches it into his mouth like a frog catching a fly. YUCK!!  

If he’s two and under, he can’t help it.  That’s when you know it may be time for the dreaded task of suction. You may disagree, but I think suction is almost worse than changing a poopy. Let me tell you why …
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Sequence for Kids a Hit!

We love this game! It’s like Connect 4 and Old Main rolled into one. And just when I thought I was only playing to appease my boys (ages 3 &5)- I got into it too and really started competing. And guess what? My youngest beat me! I like the game because … 

* It’s inexpensive (this is always an important detail for me 🙂 ) Sequence
* The rules are simple. 
* We can all play together without feeling like the youngest can’t keep up. It took about him about two games or so to catch on, but he did! Later, he even started strategizing.  
* Most times, it doesn’t take a long time to play.
* The kids can learn about different animals by looking at the pictures and the words.
* It’s inexpensive (did I mention that?)

So, it’s well worth the money and a game all can enjoy.

I’m Rich Grinch!

This is still one of my most popular posts. As I start to feel a little anxiety over the coming holidays, I need to read this again 🙂 .

I may lose some followers over this (please don’t leave!) – but I have to vent. I have an alter ego that surfaces every year around this time as I get frustrated, overtaxed, and worked up with this tradition of ‘buying presents’ for Christmas. Her name is Greta Grinch.

Did you ever stop to think, who started this whole gift exchange thing during Christmas? Who came up with the brilliant idea that we –

  • Make a list of people we like, love, respect, don’t like but we’re related to, don’t respect but we work with
  • Comb the depths of our souls to come up with SOMETHING they need, like, won’t throw away or re-gift
  • Search store after store, website after website, sale after sale to find the right color, size, model, make, and PRICE
  • Purchase , package, wrap, and mail some overpriced, undervalued  token that each recipient will spend two minutes opening and analyzing before moving to the next overpriced … you get the point. 

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Toys for Two: Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem

Oohh – this Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem Trackset is CRAZY!
My oldest got it for his 5th birthday and both boys LOVE IT. They play on it nonstop, which means I get to do laundry… or something.  This is the rundown from the manufacture …

  • Two huge loops, 6 crash zones and 10 feet of track
  • Control the speeding cars that get released from the loops with 2 levers
  • Play alone or with friends – up to 6 cars can race
  • Includes track set and 1 die-cast car
  • Recommended Ages: 5-12 years

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9-Year-Old Boy Sells Lemonade To Get Detroit Out of Debt

This is by far one of the most inspirational, yet saddest stories I’ve come across this week.
– I’m so impressed with this child and his ambition! He saw a problem and he’s trying to be a part of the solution!
– It’s sad that a child is so deflated and scared about how his city has gone down.
– I’m not happy with the mayor’s response! It’s nice that he encouraged him to save for college. But, he could have at least invited the child to his office and made plans to CLEAN THE PARKS!!!

I also applaud the child’s parents for their support. Why don’t stories like these go viral? Please check it out (below) and click here for the whole story. What do you think?

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Open Education = No More Textbooks?

Not quite. But I like the way it sounds so far. It’s free, global, and stockpiles vast amounts of educational resources for all levels. Although I’ve only heard about it being integrated on the university level so far, there are websites that store teaching content for kids in Kindergarten ( one listed below)! Check out one of the winners of the Why Open Education Matters video competition to get more of an idea of this concept: 

For more information, visit the links below:
What are Open Education Resources?
Why Open Education Matters Video Competition Winners Announced
Open Educational Resources Commons

Preschool Graduation = Financial Wakeup Call

Yes, that’s my snaggle-toothed preschooler…. oblivious to the whole ‘graduation’ thing (he only took the Imagepicture because I bribed him). And as proud as I was, part of me didn’t want to take that picture either. I only have a few of these graduations to go before he’ll be going off to college and I’M NOT READY!

It was my intention to start a college fund when I found out I was pregnant — then by his first birthday – then … I blinked once – maybe twice – and he graduated preschool on me with the honor (or dishonor) of his parents still not having started a college fund.

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Oregon Kids Make/ Sell Car Crayons to Get to Disney!

Lemonade stands are so … local. Max and Julia – an Oregon brother/ sister duo hankering to get to Disney World – are going global in their fundraising efforts by creating car crayons and selling them online!

Last year, the family drove 14 hours from their hometown of Eugene, Oregon to Disneyland in California and stayed with family. One glimpse of the castled kingdom and, “We all got the Disney bug,” said Sherri, mom.

Then Max (9) and Julia (7) saw Disney World on America’s Funniest Home Videos and realized how much bigger the small world in Orlando is – and a fire was lit. Max was determined to get there, but soon realized lemonade stands weren’t going to cut it.

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