3 Reasons Suction … Sucks!

Ooohh! I can’t stand seeing a child with a runny nose and snot just oozing down his face and clumping up on his top lip. And it gets worse when he takes the back of his hand wipes it across his cheek leaving a streak of yellow snot glue – or he sticks his tongue out and snatches it into his mouth like a frog catching a fly. YUCK!!  

If he’s two and under, he can’t help it.  That’s when you know it may be time for the dreaded task of suction. You may disagree, but I think suction is almost worse than changing a poopy. Let me tell you why …
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Book Review: Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet

This is another goodie from the library written by Lynne Rickards. I love the little boy in this story – you know why?  
* He’s got tenacity. He presented his case to his parents about what he wanted (I used to do that).
* He’s an entrepreneur! Upon his parent’s suggestion he started a pet-sitting business.
* He’s a realist! It takes a lot to care for a pet. He ended up choosing a low cost, low maintenance pet any parent would love for their child to be happy with.

And the book has a pleasant rhyme with active pictures and a wild imagination to make it an all around fun read. Is your child begging for a pet?

** October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Death rates among Black or African-American infants with Down syndrome seem to be higher than death rates among White infants with Down syndrome. **

Matchbox Car MANIA

Does your child own some of these?
I think we’ve accumulated a gazillion million. The boys line them up and leave trails of traffic all over the house. I live in Atlanta – I don’t want to be reminded of traffic!  Then when you think they’ve all been picked up, you step on one in the middle of the night. I even have some in my purse!

Does your son own some of these? How do you store them?

** October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Most people with Down syndrome have only mild to moderate mental retardation. Individuals with Down syndrome have IQ scores of 30 to 60, but much variation exists. All individuals with Down syndrome are capable of learning.. **

Does Your Child Say ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’?

Both my husband and I grew up with military fathers.
My dad didn’t enforce any rules about me calling him ‘sir’ and my mom ‘ma’am’. While my father-in-law was the opposite, I can appreciate how his sons still show him this form of respect. 

My boys are pretty good about having good manners – saying ‘please,’ ‘excuse me,’ ‘ thank you.’  Yet, the jury is still out for me as to whether or not I want my boys to call me ma’am and their father sir…. AALLL the time. I have required them to say it when I’m talking business though. Is this mainly a southern thing? What are your thoughts? 

For the Love of Legos

I love LEGOs!!  Here’s why … 

* Durability.
According to the company website, these little bricks have a scratch and bite-resistant surface. Basically, these things are unbreakable so they last a long time!

* Great for two or more children. 
My boys play so well together with these things- for the most part :-). Each set always has enough for both of them to be occupied. 

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5 Things I Didn’t Expect in Raising Boys

Yes – I’m a girl who grew up around a lot of girl cousins. Given my family makeup, I was doubtful about having even one boy.  Being blessed with two was a complete shocker!

There are things I expected to go along with the boy territory and that don’t surprise me one bit – like tripping over toy cars, interest in insects, the ‘run-n-tackle’ hugs, the inappropriate ‘boo-boo head’ jokes, even this issue with pee on the toilet.

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Of course, I’m thankful for my family, health, job, and so much more that I don’t take for granted.

But,  I’m also thankful for you! At the beginning of November, I decided to participate in the National Blog Posting Month challenge, meaning I have to post an original blog every single day in the month of November. And while it’s been a challenge, I’ve ‘met’ and read lots of other wonderful bloggers. We’ve shared comments on each others’ blogs and it’s been awesome! I LOVE hearing from you! Continue reading

Bad Mommy Moment #287

I had a bad mommy moment yesterday. I hate the ones that are on public display – so everyone knows that you messed up! Let me explain … my 4y.o. goes to a private school which means he wears uniforms. Uniforms!

I have come to love the uniforms for several reasons:
1) It’s cheaper to outfit children in uniforms everyday (my husband says he even read in a study. I’ll have to look that up and give it to you later).

2) It saves BOO KOO (aka – tons of) time in trying to plan outfits for the week (I am no fashionista and have enough of a challenge dressing myself  – so I LOVE this.) Of course, I also wore uniforms as a child so this could permanently and negatively impact his fashion aptitude as well.

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Play Doh Speedway – a No-Go!

The boys’ aunt bought this Play Doh Mold-n-Go Speedway and we are so thankful (she reads my posts). This was an exciting gift because my boys (a 4y.o. and a 2y.o.) love play doh and they love CARS!

But I have to give my own take on the Play Doh Mold-n-Go Speedway set.

1) There is a reason that the toy is recommended for ages 3 and up. My two y.o. loves play doh and mushing and mashing it. He couldn’t manage it on his own, but he wanted me push the gas presser down to make the doh gush out again and again and again – and then more. I love playing with my boys – but that repetition thing is KILLER!  

2) The backdrop is made of cardboard …aka paper! They didn’t tear it, but it didn’t stay put. But ours didn’t come with the racetrack play mat which looks AWESOME so that could have made a BIG difference.  The grey plastic mold is way too small and uneventful… it’s a waste.

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