Santa’s Been Busted

If you’ve been following me at all, you know I have not been touting the mystical figure of Santa Claus to my kids. But they’ve been talking to their friends and watching television (I think their teachers are even talking about Santa) so they are catching on.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

This morning, I was wrapping some gifts to be shipped to my parents, and my three-year-old ‘caught’ me.  He surveyed the gift wrapping paper, bows, and boxes and decided, “Mommy is Santa Claus!”

I’m not going to lie. I smiled and nodded. “That’s right son.”

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Play Doh Speedway – a No-Go!

The boys’ aunt bought this Play Doh Mold-n-Go Speedway and we are so thankful (she reads my posts). This was an exciting gift because my boys (a 4y.o. and a 2y.o.) love play doh and they love CARS!

But I have to give my own take on the Play Doh Mold-n-Go Speedway set.

1) There is a reason that the toy is recommended for ages 3 and up. My two y.o. loves play doh and mushing and mashing it. He couldn’t manage it on his own, but he wanted me push the gas presser down to make the doh gush out again and again and again – and then more. I love playing with my boys – but that repetition thing is KILLER!  

2) The backdrop is made of cardboard …aka paper! They didn’t tear it, but it didn’t stay put. But ours didn’t come with the racetrack play mat which looks AWESOME so that could have made a BIG difference.  The grey plastic mold is way too small and uneventful… it’s a waste.

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It’s a Pillow… It’s a Pet… and it’s a HIT!

I was skeptical about these things when they first came out… although the song is catchy enough (my oldest even started singing it).

You don’t know this about me (yet) but 1) I HATE spending a lot of money on toys (or anything for that matter); 2) I HATE buying toys that don’t keep my boys’ interest for more than 15 minutes UGH!; and 3) I’m disgusted with toys that fall apart easily.

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