3 Things Blogging Has Taught Me About Giving

I’m thankful for being able to blog and to YOU for reading my blog :-). Of course, when I started blogging, there were some goals and aspirations I had in mind. But I didn’t anticipate the lessons on giving.  Here’s what blogging has taught me about giving …

* Give love a chance – blog love that is. If your goal is to increase your viewership, it ain’t gonna happen until you help others increase their viewership first. You’ve got to give blog love to receive blog love!

* Give readers …something – whether it’s useful information, an interesting video or picture, or a good laugh. It’s not all about you – it’s about what you can GIVE if you want to maintain a following.  

* Give something personal – successful bloggers have mastered the art of sharing just enough personal information. Be yourself and let others get to know the real you! This is a challenge for me in person – but blogging helps me do this with a little more ease.

Happy Thanksgiving! 



Happy Thanksgiving!
Of course, I’m thankful for my family, health, job, and so much more that I don’t take for granted.

But,  I’m also thankful for you! At the beginning of November, I decided to participate in the National Blog Posting Month challenge, meaning I have to post an original blog every single day in the month of November. And while it’s been a challenge, I’ve ‘met’ and read lots of other wonderful bloggers. We’ve shared comments on each others’ blogs and it’s been awesome! I LOVE hearing from you! Continue reading

Bad Mommy Moment #287

I had a bad mommy moment yesterday. I hate the ones that are on public display – so everyone knows that you messed up! Let me explain … my 4y.o. goes to a private school which means he wears uniforms. Uniforms!

I have come to love the uniforms for several reasons:
1) It’s cheaper to outfit children in uniforms everyday (my husband says he even read in a study. I’ll have to look that up and give it to you later).

2) It saves BOO KOO (aka – tons of) time in trying to plan outfits for the week (I am no fashionista and have enough of a challenge dressing myself  – so I LOVE this.) Of course, I also wore uniforms as a child so this could permanently and negatively impact his fashion aptitude as well.

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