Tip: My 9y.o. Son Pees in the Bed!

A 9- year- old boy kept peeing in the bed during his sleep.
He’s academically advanced, sports inclined and all-around healthy. But, he couldn’t seem to help this behavior. His mom was frustrated. She was concerned. She called the pediatrician and this is what he said:

Tell him to stand at the toilet for 30 more seconds. (What?)
He should stand at the toilet for 30 more seconds after he ‘finishes’ peeing.

“I thought it was strange when he would go pee and come back in less than 2 minutes,” his mom said. Turns out he wasn’t fully emptying his bladder. After he tried lingering at the toilet for 30 seconds, he stopped peeing in the bed.

He still pees in the bed occasionally, because sometimes he forgets.
But, the incidents have decreased dramatically.

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Mom Gets $2,500 Ticket for 3-Year-Old Peeing In Yard

I am in awe over this (especially since my family just had such an emergency this evening). And I’m mystified that the ticket was so high… I love the last line of this interview – the grandmother’s take on this whole thing. Why didn’t the officer issue a warning first?
What do you think?


Getting Rid of the Pee Smell from Leather Shoes

My boys are potty trained, thankfully, and have been for quite some time. But every few months, when play time is just too intriguing and they don’t tear themselves away in time, the boys may have an accident.

Washing pee out of clothes is no problem, it’s the shoes. This last time, I soaked the shoes in soap and warm water but the smell was still overwhelming. So, I drenched them in vinegar. Yes, vinegar.

English: children shoes

English: children shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I let those bad boys sit outside for a day and I’m happy to report that they’ve recovered without smelling like pee or vinegar (or a funny mixture of the two)! In the future, I would also try baking soda and see if I get the same results.

Do you have a remedy for getting rid of the pee smell in leather shoes?

What They Don’t Tell You About Potty Training

Adventures in potty training are – well – an adventure.

You start out with a trusted map – directions and pointers from books, magazines, websites, other parents, whatever. You diligently follow the steps:
* Make sure he’s showing signs that he’s ready
* Let him pick out his own potty
* Buy pull-ups and/or ‘big boy underwear’ 

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