Moms and Matters of the Heart

I just read an article and video on moms, stress, and heart disease on Great information and hilarious video! You’ve got to watch the video…

“February is National Heart month. More and more women are being diagnosed with, and even dying from heart disease. Most of us know the important things to do to take care of your heart. Many of you are doing those things, like eating decently healthy, and getting some exercise (if chasing kids count). You don’t smoke, you have a few glasses of red wine a week…”

But there is a symptom that’s sneaking up on us – read the rest of the story


Quotes that Sum Up Mom’s World

Son gives you a special hug and kissy for no reason …

“There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between a mother and a son”   Unknown

Laundry at 5am; get ‘em up, dress ‘em, feed ‘em by 7am; work from 9-6.
Basketball practice, swimming practice or soccer practice till 7pm. Homework, dinner and play until 8pm; bedtime routine until 8:30pm.
Clean kitchen, sweep up crumbs, stub toe on extraneous lego while folding more laundry till 10pm.  

“A mother works from SON up to Son down.” Unknown

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