Heartbreak Playground

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At the playground – you know?
That’s where he saw this cutie … (music group ABC/ BBD)

Well, she was alright looking at most, but my 4-year-old was enamored with this little brown-skinned girl – easily a couple years older than him – wearing red rimmed glasses and two bobbled pony tails swinging down her back.

My son ‘flirts’ with little girls on occasion, but not often. He’s sorta bashful – but not really shy. He gathered the nerve to approach this girl, but then stood next to her awkwardly.

He muttered something about playing and she lashed out abruptly – GET AWAY FROM ME!

He and I were both taken aback and the tears started to flow. He turned to me –mouth agape, eyes welling, questioning. I was audibly speechless (in my head, I was having a very vocal, lewd conversation with that chick)!

Then, my child erupted into a loud cry as she vanished to the swing set. Both my husband and I reacted – differently …

Sometimes little girls can be mean. That doesn’t make you any less of a person.

Stop that crying (yes, one of the cardinal sins of communicating with your child).  You’re going to get dissed by girls a lot in life so get used to it.

I know that was rude and she hurt your feelings, but “you is special, you is kind, and you is important.” It will be okay.

She didn’t want to play with you– so what? There will be lots of others who will.

Now you see what it’s like when someone is mean to you. So, this teaches you not to be mean to others.

Don’t be no punk. Even when you get dissed never let them see you cry.

So, now I’ll know where to trace it back to if my child becomes a woman mongering garden tool who is afraid of commitment. It all started at the playground – you know?


8 thoughts on “Heartbreak Playground

  1. Love this one! Makes me wonder our parents did back then to give the mind frame we have today…. Considering rubbing rum on babies gums and no seat belts were A OK not that long ago… 🙂

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  3. OH MY … I am crying right now. What upsets me even more is that the mother of that girl was probably on her phone or chatting away ignoring her daughter. I would never let my child do that to anyone. I would have reacted the same way as you and my husband the same way as your hubby.

    I posted about raising a good man, something similar but with a mean boy whose mother was more interested in exercising than being a mom. I reprimanded him and was so proud of my sweet boy. http://dinoheromommy.com/2012/09/12/raising-a-good-man/

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